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Africa Terrain Mesh : I cannot see any changes

If you are unable to see the changes the package brings, then it is likely that your system settings are set at too low a value to observe the changes. The following settings are crutial in order to see the changes: LEVEL OF DETAIL RADIUS, MESH COMPLEXITY and MESH RESOLUTION. If you use the default […]

Black Grass Crosses at Airports

Do you see the following effect in your Flight Simulator X? There are two possible explanations for this effect. You have enabled ground scenery shadows in Flight Simulator X. Please turn them off. You have enabled the DirectX 10 Preview (after installing Service Pack 2) for Flight Simulator X. The DirectX 10 Preview option under […]

Duplicate AFCAD Files

We often get support questions about taxiways that do not allign with scenery objects and AI Aircraft that parks inside buildings. The majority of these problems are caused by duplicate AFCAD Files. Assuming that you have never heard of an AFCAD file; AFCAD stands for Airport Facility and CAD file. These files contain the basic […]

Flight Simulator X/Steam Recommended Settings

The screen shots below will show you the recommended settings for Microsoft Flight Simulator that we recommend for the use of our scenery products. You may need to adjust these settings to accommodate your hardware configuration where needed. Click on the CUSTOMIZE button to adjust the settings. PREVIEW DIRECTX 10 : Never turn this on!┬áThe […]

How to add scenery into FSX & FSX Steam Edition

Adding scenery into Flight Simulator X and Flight Simulator X Steam Edition can be done as indicated by the screen shots below. Please note that although the screen shots was taken from Flight Simulator X Steam Edition, the procedure is the same for both versions of Flight Simulator First you need to go to your […]

How to clean uninstall AI Traffic

To uninstall all AI Traffic, first uninstall the traffic packages via your Windows Control Panel at the Programs and Features option. Most of these packages leaves residual files behind and in the next step we will be dealing with these. Go to your Flight Sim Directory. You will see a number of directories there. Go […]

How to fix SCENERY.CFG Errors

We all end up with a SCENERY.CFG error at one stage or another. Below are instructions on how to remove them. These instructions work for both Flight Simulator X and Flight Simulator X Steam Edition. Please note that the file paths shown are intended for users of Windows 7 or better. The file paths will […]

How to remove the Prepar3D V3 Content Error Message?

Many of you will have seen the Content Error message below when you exit Prepar3D V3. If you go and read the ContentErrorLog.txt file in the Prepar3D v3 Files directory under your Documents folder, it will show a series of errors such as the ones below. [error.1] error=Found Duplicate Key Name File:C:\FLTSIM\P3D3\Effects\fx_nicksmokeai_lrglear-md-7x.fx Section:ParticleAttributes.2 Key:Color Start […]

Installer unable to find the path to my Flight Simulator

When Flight Simulator is installed on a new system, the installer creates a set of keys so that ad-dons know where the package is installed. If you move this directory to another system, then Flight Simulator will continue to work, but the registry keys will no longer be present. Our installer program needs those keys […]

Installing Flight Simulator X the correct way

When it is time to reinstall Flight Simulator X, we all want to get the job done as soon as possible. Hold on to your horses! If you do not do it the right way, then the Flight Simulator X files will not update correctly giving you all kinds of display problems! Installing Flight Simulator […]

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