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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

It’s hard to believe that another year as come and gone! On behalf of NMG Simulations, I would like to which all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2018! If you are going to be on the roads, then please drive carefully! If not, then enjoy your time off and have a blessed […]

Update for OR Tambo Intl Airport Postponed

We unfortunately have some very sad news and that is that the OR Tambo International Update for FSX, FSX Steam, Prepar3D (V3/V4) and X-Plane will not be ready as planned. We have hit a rather big problem and that is that we have reached the VAS limit of all the 32-bit flight sims with this […]

NMG Southern Africa Navigation Beacons 2018 Released

Our latest version of the Southern African Navigation Beacons is now available through our website. Southern Africa Navigation Beacons 2018 is now in its eleventh year of release. We update this package every year with the latest real world VOR and NDB information available. The package include an updated navigation database for Flight Simulator X, […]

OR Tambo Development Screen Shots (UPDATE 2017-12-05)

Below you will find development screen shots of our OR Tambo Intl Airport project. MOST IMPORTANT: The screen shots shown below are development screen shots. The final product may differ from what you see here. Please take this into account. The airport is nearing completion, but we have run into a snag… The amount of […]

Kruger Mpumalanga Airport V2.3 Released

An updated version of our Kruger Mpumalanga Intl Airport for FSX, FSX Steam Edition and Prepar3D (V3.x/V4.x) has been released and can be downloaded from our website right now! So, what has changed? We have added 3D approach lights to the airport and we have added another hangar which has since been added! We have […]

Prepar3D v4 Airport Conversion Timetable

We are publishing the following time table as an indication as when the remainder of our airport packages will be Prepar3D v4 ready. Please be aware that the dates given are estimates and that they can change without notice! ESTIMATED means that the date as show is not set in stone. It may change due […]

Kimberley Airport V3.0 Released

We have released an updated High Definition version of Kimberley Airport for FSX, FSX Steam Edition, Prepar3D (V3.x/V4.x) and X-Plane 10/11! So, what has changed? We have redesigned this airport from the ground up! Everything has been redone in High Definition format. This means that the airport now has much more detail and much more […]

Multi Currency Support Discontinued

When we introduced Multi Currency to our website, we thought this would be a great help to our overseas clients, but this turned out not to be so. Ever since we introduced it, oud mailbox has been flooded with a barrage of questions from clients. The majority of questions comes from clients who cannot seem […]

Virginia Airport V1.3 Released

An updated version of Virginia Airport V1.3 Airport for FSX, FSX Steam Edition and Prepar3D (V3.x/V4.x) has been released and can be downloaded from our website right now! Our airports will no longer need those FTX Global Fix files that we use to distribute with previous releases. We have found a way to compile our […]

Download Errors RESOLVED! (FINALLY!!)

It is now safe again to download from our system! We do apologize for the inconvenience caused… So, what happened? Three weeks ago, we found a module for our website that will make the downloading of files more professional. You will not be send to another website to download your files. We thought that this […]