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Why we do not design highly detailed airports

A question that often comes up is why we do not design highly detailed airports such as the likes of Fly Tampa. Before we can answer this question, we first need to take you through the process before any physical designing starts. Before we start with any airport project, a financial analysis is performed. We […]

X-Plane 11 Compatibility with our products (UPDATED)

We are getting a lot of questions about our scenery compatibility regarding X-Plane 11. Now that X-Plane 11 has been released and we have had the time to test our airports with it, we are happy to announce that all our airports are X-Plane 11 compatible! You can safely buy any airport and install it […]

OR Tambo texture update underway

We are working on a texture update for OR Tambo International Airport. We have no set release date for this update, but you may watch this space for details! Many of the buildings for OR Tambo was designed several years ago and these have never been redone. The original buildings were of simple design with […]

Support system upgrade

Our support system has received a complete overhaul! The system is now much better and more user friendly than before! Support Tickets are now listed on your account page after you have logged in. You can go back and view all the support requests that you have send in. This will greatly reduce the number […]

South African Small Airports Volume 2 RELEASED!

The second volume of our Small Airports Series has been released! This package contains six airports in the Western Cape, Cape Town area of South Africa. The airports covered by this package are as below. DELTA 200 (FADX) DIEMERSKRAAL FISANTEKRAAL (FAFK) GROOTFONTEIN SA (FAGF) MORNING STAR STELLENBOSCH (FASH) The package is compatible with Flight Simulator […]

Johannesburg (FAOR) AFCAD Fix

We have received a number of support questions about flickering ground textures at night in Johannesburg. This apparently only happen at night. Daytime operations are fine. We don’t have the same problem over here, so it may be related to a graphics card issue. We have developed this fix to address this problem and we […]

South African Small Airports Volume 1 RELEASED!

The first volume in our Small Airports series have now been released! This package contains: Brits Airport Freeway Airport Kitty Hawk Aero Estate Rhino Air Park The Coves (Private Airfield) The package is compatible with Flight Simulator X, Flight Simulator X Steam Edition, Prepar3D (V3.x) and X-Plane 10! X-Plane 11 compatibility will be added as […]

Prepar3D V2 Support Discontinued

We are going to be discontinuing support for Prepar3D in future products. Right now, all our packages still support Prepar3D v2, but as we release new packages and update the older versions, we will be removing support for Prepar3D V2 from the new installers. If you are still running Prepar3D V2, then we recommend that […]

Terms of Service Updated

We have updated our Terms of Service. It is of the utmost importance that you read these updated Terms of Service before making any purchases. We would also like to point out that in terms of the South African Consumer Protection Act No. 68 of 2008 you have the right not to shop with us […]

We are open for business!

It is our pleasure to welcome you to our new web shop at NMG Simulations. From now on you will be able to buy our products locally in South African Rand! Why the change? Because you have requested it so! Since we shut our shop down, we have received quite a few requests from clients […]