NMG Kitty Hawk Aero Estate V1.0 (MSFS)


The Kitty Hawk Aerodrome was established as a Sectional Title Scheme in 1997 by the then owner of the ground where Kitty Hawk is situated. He envisioned an Aero Estate with houses adjacent to the runway.

It was decided to name the aero estate after the world-famous town Kitty Hawk. However, the developer encountered financial difficulties after the runway and 24 hangars were completed and sold. The result was that the land where houses would have been built was sold as a separate entity from the aerodrome. The new Board of Trustees established in 2003 continued the development to what is today the Kitty Hawk Aerodrome. A place where aviators come together and “live their passion for flying true to the spirit of the Wright brothers at Kitty Hawk”.

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