X-Plane 12 compatibility with our airports

We are receiving a lot of questions about this lately.

It is important to remember that although X-Plane 12 is for sale, it is still in early access; development is still ongoing. Our airports may therefore or may not work with this early version of X-Plane.

Usually, our airports are fully compatible with the next version, except for any special features that may have been added. In the case of X-Plane 11, our airports for X-Plane 10 worked flawlessly with it, except for the ground service vehicles, which were not present.

We have hoped that the same would be true for X-Plane 12, but the reports we have received so far indicates all kinds of bleed troughs and funny effects. This may change as development of X-Plane 12 continues.

There are also no design tools available to fix these airports for X-Plane 12 at this stage. Just like us, the developers of these tools are probably also wating for X-Plane 12 to go off early access before spending time to upgrade their programs for the latest version. This is understandable as you don’t want to keep on fixing something that could have been fixed only once!

If you intend on buying X-Plane 12, just remember that it is not fixed yet and that you are going to be a beta tester for Laminar Research until the definitive version comes out.

We have not decided if we are going to make our airports compatible with this version of not. Sales for X-Plane scenery is exceptionally low, and it is not going to be worth the trouble if we are going to have to re-design all the airports as in the case of MSFS. X-Plane is saturated with freeware, and this makes commercial development exceedingly difficult and not worth investing money into.

As always, you may contact us if you have any questions about this message.

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