X-Plane 11 conversion of all our airports

We have received a number of requests from our clients for true X-Plane 11 airports and we can now announce that we will begin working on those very soon!

Up to this point in time, all our airports for X-Plane where for Version 10.50. They are X-Plane 11 compatible, but they lack the X-Plane 11 features that makes an airport really stand out from the rest!

X-Plane 11 features configurable runways that can be setup to allow only certain types of aircraft at certain times of the day, depending on the wind direction. You can also configure taxiways for certain types of aircraft only, thereby forcing them to use a certain path to the ramp. An A380 will for example not use a narrow taxiway at all. X-Plane 11 also features service vehicles which will service your aircraft when you are parked. You can also set these service vehicles up to drive around the airport, thereby giving the illusion of a very busy airport.

These are the features we will be adding to all our airports, but that is not all! We will also be added photoreal ground layers, thereby making the airport look much better than before! Our soon to be released Pilanesberg International Airport is a great example of what can be accomplished!

Obviously, there will be a cost involved in this upgrade as we cannot do the work for free, but we will be fair! If you have bought OR Tambo V5 and/or Kimberley V3 for X-Plane 10.5, then you will receive the X-Plane 11 versions of these airports for free. Both these airports where re-purchasable upgrades and charging you for them again will be totally unfair! The other X-Plane 10.5 airports will be offered to you at 50% discount as we did with the Prepar3D v4 upgrades.

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  1. Awesome news! Just bought X-Plane 11 after being an FSX user for years. Downloaded my copies of Lanseria and Kruger/Mpumalanga into X-Plane 11 and there are a few details missing (stand markings cut off etc) and no AI aircraft. So very keen to upgrade to your X-Plane 11 dedicated versions.

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