X-Plane 11 Compatibility with our products (UPDATED)

We are getting a lot of questions about our scenery compatibility regarding X-Plane 11.

Now that X-Plane 11 has been released and we have had the time to test our airports with it, we are happy to announce that all our airports are X-Plane 11 compatible! You can safely buy any airport and install it into X-Plane 11 and it will work, even if the installer says X-Plane 10!

As we update our airport packages, we will update the installers to show X-Plane 11. We will also in due time make the scenery work in X-Plane 11 only. The scenery development tools are still being developed for X-Plane 11, so for now we can only develop X-Plane 11 compatible scenery, but we expect that to change as soon as the X-Plane 11 tools start coming out. Those of you who still have X-Plane 10, we HIGHLY recommend that you consider upgrading to X-Plane 11.

Since our scenery is already X-Plane 11 compatible, charging any upgrade fee for X-Plane 11 scenery will not be fair. If you have any X-Plane 10 versions of our scenery, the upgrade to X-Plane 11 will be free.