Website technical issues

We suffered some minor website errors after a software update on our website during the last few days. Some of you have reported this to us and we are very grateful for this!

We are happy to report that all the errors have now been fixed. The result is a system that now runs smoother and faster that before! The Sign In screen has been greatly simplified. It is now a one click process. Click and log in!

The Captcha is back and enabled for all now registrations. Sorry, but we must make sure that you are an actual human registering on our website. Spam bots register on websites such as ours to flood the comments section with unwanted ads featuring gambling, stock market manipulation and the enlargement of certain body parts! We will not stand for that.

More good news is that we have now integrated our support section with our website. You can now use the same login to access both sections at the same time! You will see two logins on the Sign In screen. The second one is only used to view the support tickets you have send before, but that can be done when you log into your account on our website as well. After you log in, you will see your account panel with a list of all the support tickets you have send in below that.

The Support screen has also been simplified. Requesting support and viewing our Support Knowledge Base is now on one screen. Just select the tab for the option you need.

We hope that the changes we have made will make life a bit easier for all our clients.