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We now accept Snap Scan payments!

We now accept Snap Scan payments!
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We have joined the Snap Scan family and now you can make payments on your order using your Mobile Phone!

For those not familiar with Snap Scan, it is a payment solution offered by Standard Bank, but you don’t have to be a Standard Bank customer to use it. All you need is the Snap Scan app available from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store for your mobile phone. Your phone needs to have a camera for the app to work as you will need to take a photo of the 3D barcode on your computer screen to make payment.

Once you have downloaded the Snap Scan app, you need to add any one or more of your bank cards to the app. No, you don’t need to have a credit card to make payments. Your normal South African bank card will work just as fine! That is the beauty of the system as people often think something like this is for credit card holders only! Not this time!

The system is 3D secured which means that no payment can be made without you entering a One Time Pin. Your bank card details are also stored on your phone only and Snap Scan does not have access to your bank card details at all. If you switch phones, you will need to link your bank cards to the new phone again. If you reset or remote wipe your phone, then your bank card details are wiped as well, and you will need to re-enter them again.

To make payments on our website using Snap Scan is very easy. Just select Snap Scan as your payment option and then scan the 3D barcode on your computer screen using the Snap Scan app. You will be asked for an amount to enter and after you have done that, press the PAY button on the app. It is that simple!

Using Snap Scan will make EFT and Debit Card payments very easy!

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