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The European General Data Protection Regulation

The European General Data Protection Regulation

On the 25th of May 2018, the European Union will initiate its General Data Protection Regulation or GDPG policy.

You may ask what this has to do with you? Basically, it will mean that you have the the right to choose what happens to your private data and to know what we do with it. Unfortunately, this right is for now limited to European Citizens only, but we have find it such good business practice, that we will be implementing it on our website as well.

The first change is a Privacy Statement which is now published on our website. You will find it under the INFORMATION tab of our website and it will tell you in detail how we handle your private information.

Part of the GDPR policy is the right to take your data with you when you leave. On many websites, including ours, users can register, but they can never un-register. This means that user profiles stay on the system for years without ever being deleted. Even after death. That has now changed and you can now delete your user profile from our system anytime you want to do so.

After you log into your user account on our system, you will see a button just above the LOGOUT button called DELETE ACCOUNT. That will allow you to delete your account on our system. Just in case you are wondering, we will now know when you delete your account and you will not be asked for an explanation, but there are consequences for doing so. Please continue to read.

Deleting your user profile on our system will also delete all the orders you have placed. Any downloads linked to those orders will also be deleted. Such a deletion is permanent and cannot be undone! If you decide to delete your user profile, then please remember that we cannot recover what you will be losing!

With the above in mind, deleting your account should be the absolute last option if you have downloads linked to your account.

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