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Requesting Support

Starting from today, we will require you to enter a product order number when requesting support.

We do apologize for the inconvenience, but we know that you will understand that we can only provide support for genuine customers and the only way for us to know if you are a genuine customer is for you to enter the order number of your purchase when you request support. Unfortunately, there is no other way to do this.

Providing support for your products is part of what you pay for, and we will gladly help you out, but we need to be sure that the request for support come from someone who has genuinely bought one of our products. We cannot provide support to pirates. It is unfair to us, and it is unfair to you. Why should someone who steal get the same level of excellent service as someone who spend hard earned money?

Yes, we will be checking the order number before support is provided, so no shortcuts please.