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MSFS Service Vehicle Bug

The latest update for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the 6 January 2022 one has introduced a new bug into the program that you should be aware of.

All our airports have their own Service Vehicles defined. Having Service Vehicles at smaller airports is unrealistic as these airports usually do not have any pushback trucks. At the medium sized airports such as Richards Bay, you need the Service Vehicles, but only at the medium and large parking spots. At the small parking areas, the service vehicles are not needed. We have therefore designed our own Airport Services and Living World Config Files to place the Airport Services at our airports as they should be in real life.

Up to now, this process has worked flawlessly. Around a 10km radius around our airports, our own Airport Services and Living World files where active, but as soon as you move outside of this 10km boundary, then the default Microsoft Airport Services and Living World would become active. This way, the Ground Services at the default airports would not be affected by our airports.

The latest update for Microsoft Flight Simulator has changed all that, due to a bug introduced with the update. Whenever you copy one of our airports into the MSFS Community Folder, you will notice that the ground services at all the airports worldwide will disappear, even the at the default airports. Any addon airport that has its own Airport Services and Living World files defined that you can download, or purchase will have this issue. It is not just limited to our work.

Obviously, Microsoft will need to fix this, which will probably happen with the next update… In the meantime, we have found this work around that will allow you to keep using the ground services.

Go into the folder for every airport and then delete the folders named AirportServices and LivingWorld_Config. That will fix the ground services for the default and addon airports, but now you will see service vehicles at airports that does not have service traffic. This is the only solution until Microsoft fixes the issue.