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Johannesburg/OR Tambo International update for MSFS

We are working on an upgrade for Johannesburg International Airport (OR Tambo) and we expect this update to be ready very soon!

The first change we are making is to add Level Of Detail to all the buildings associated with this airport. This will make the X-Box users as well as some PC users with weaker systems smile as they will see the most benefit from this change!

What is Level of Detail? In layman’s terms, Level Of Detail or LOD is the process where every building has three levels of detail added to it. When you are at distance, the low-resolution version of the building will be displayed. As you fly closer, the model that you see will be replaced by a medium-resolution version and as you fly still closer, the high-resolution model will be displayed. This will help frame rate as the high-resolution version of the building does not have to be displayed all the time when you will not be able to see all the detail of the building anyway. This is especially true when flying past an airport without landing at it.

The second change is PBR texturing which means Physically Based Rendering. Again, in layman’s terms, this means that we will add textures to the existing textures that will add depth of field to all the objects. Bricks will stand out individually, cracks in plaster will be much more prominent than before and walls will be rougher and not as smooth as before. In fact, none of the buildings will appear smooth after this update. PBR adds an extra layer of depth that just makes the buildings look a lot more realistic!

This update will be available for free to all existing users of the product. No charge!

If you have any questions about this update, then we are here to answer them!