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Requesting Support

Starting from today, we will require you to enter a product order number when requesting support.

We do apologize for the inconvenience, but we know that you will understand that we can only provide support for genuine customers and the only way for us to know if you are a genuine customer is for you to enter the order number of your purchase when you request support. Unfortunately, there is no other way to do this.

Providing support for your products is part of what you pay for, and we will gladly help you out, but we need to be sure that the request for support come from someone who has genuinely bought one of our products. We cannot provide support to pirates. It is unfair to us, and it is unfair to you. Why should someone who steal get the same level of excellent service as someone who spend hard earned money?

Yes, we will be checking the order number before support is provided, so no shortcuts please.

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MSFS Airport Update for Jan 6 Patch

In our last message, we notified you that after the 6 January 2022 patch, the Living World Config Files that we have in our airports no longer work.

We have now updated all our airports for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and we have removed the Living World Config files from all packages. It was only the Living World Configuration files that was causing the issues and not the Airport Services file as we have previously thought.

Here are the airports and the changes we have made to them.

FAGM Rand Airport – Removed the Living World CFG file.

FAPN Pilanesberg International – Removed the Living World CFG file.

FARB Richards Bay Airport – Removed the Living World CFG file.

FASD Saldanha-Vredenburg Airport – Removed the Living World CFG file.

FASS Sishen Airport – Removed the Living World CFG file.

FAVG Virginia Airport – Removed the Living World CFG file.

FAWB Wonderboom Airport – Removed the Living World CFG file.

FAWX Zebula Golf Estate & Spa – Removed the Living World CFG file.

FAOR Johannesburg International – No change was made as this airport does not have either a Living World CFG file or an Airport Services file. We will be adding an Airport Services file with the next update when we will also be adding the PBR (Physically Based Rendering) textures and LOD (Level Of Detail) to the airport.

FAPE Port Elizabeth Airport – Besides for the removal of the Living World CFG file, we have also added LOD (Level of Detail) to all the airport buildings. This will help with the display of the buildings over distance. We have also added PBR (Physically Based Rendering) to all the airport buildings, making the airport look a lot more realistic than before. This is a completely updated version of the airport!

We did a quick test of all these airports and found that everything seems to work as intended. We do not foresee any funny issues, but if you spot something and you are not sure about it, then please let us know and we will have a look into it!

We only have one wish and that is that Microsoft will now start to stabilize the base of Microsoft Flight Simulator and stop breaking stuff that was working just perfectly before, but maybe we are aiming just a tad too high…

Updated versions of all the airports you have bought are available under your account downloads section after you log in.


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MSFS Service Vehicle Bug

The latest update for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the 6 January 2022 one has introduced a new bug into the program that you should be aware of.

All our airports have their own Service Vehicles defined. Having Service Vehicles at smaller airports is unrealistic as these airports usually do not have any pushback trucks. At the medium sized airports such as Richards Bay, you need the Service Vehicles, but only at the medium and large parking spots. At the small parking areas, the service vehicles are not needed. We have therefore designed our own Airport Services and Living World Config Files to place the Airport Services at our airports as they should be in real life.

Up to now, this process has worked flawlessly. Around a 10km radius around our airports, our own Airport Services and Living World files where active, but as soon as you move outside of this 10km boundary, then the default Microsoft Airport Services and Living World would become active. This way, the Ground Services at the default airports would not be affected by our airports.

The latest update for Microsoft Flight Simulator has changed all that, due to a bug introduced with the update. Whenever you copy one of our airports into the MSFS Community Folder, you will notice that the ground services at all the airports worldwide will disappear, even the at the default airports. Any addon airport that has its own Airport Services and Living World files defined that you can download, or purchase will have this issue. It is not just limited to our work.

Obviously, Microsoft will need to fix this, which will probably happen with the next update… In the meantime, we have found this work around that will allow you to keep using the ground services.

Go into the folder for every airport and then delete the folders named AirportServices and LivingWorld_Config. That will fix the ground services for the default and addon airports, but now you will see service vehicles at airports that does not have service traffic. This is the only solution until Microsoft fixes the issue.

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Port Elizabeth Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Port Elizabeth Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020!

We have made this version as close to reality as we could with custom-made effects such as our own taxiway lines, markings on the aprons and taxiways and dirt spots on the concrete parking areas and extra skid marks on the runway landing area! These really add depth to the airport in a way we could not have imagined!

The wear and tear on the buildings also stand out a lot more than before. You will see rust on the side of hangars, moss on ground level, cracks in concrete, broken windows, and a lot more. Just look around the airport and you will see all these!

We have added the museum and the old military area, the new military area which is below the runway level (Yes, you will need to make sure your brakes work when taxing down the slope!), the airport passenger terminal with all its detail, the general aviation, and the cargo area, again with all the detail!

We took extra care in making sure that the lighting as are they are in real life. The approach lights for Runway 26 goes over the buildings of the Military area as in real life! Port Elizabeth does not have green centre line lights on all the taxiways, but only from the hold short lines to the runway. The hold short lines are also lighted with yellow lights. The rest of the airport only have blue taxiway edge lights.

As always, we are offering upgrade discounts to those who have previous versions of this airport. To claim your discount, please make sure that you are logged on to our website before you make your purchase.