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Stellenbosch and Fisantekraal Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Released

It is with pleasure that we announce the release of two small airports for Microsoft Flight Simulator: Stellenbosch and Fisantekraal!

Both airports have been designed to be as close to the real airport as possible and as always, we have added PBR Texturing to all the buildings!

We took great care in making sure that the runway at Stellenbosch airport is at an incline as in real life. This was not easy to do, but we nevertheless managed to get it remarkably close to the real one.

The one unmissable feature of Fisantekraal Airport are those old army concrete runways, and we got the texturing of them exactly right as in real life! We used different textures on the runway, taxiways and in-between to make it easier to spot the runways and taxiways at a distance.

Screen shots of these airports are available on the buttons below.