Support system upgrade

Our support system has received a complete overhaul! The system is now much better and more user friendly than before!

Support Tickets are now listed on your account page after you have logged in. You can go back and view all the support requests that you have send in. This will greatly reduce the number of duplicate requests that we have received in the past as you will be able to check back on the support that we have given you before!

You also only need to remember one password to do all this and that is your login password to your account on our system. On our old system, our support system was separate from our website and this forced our clients to remember two sets of login details!

You can now send support requests in one of three ways: via our website where no password is required, via email to or via your account on our system. Within a minute, you will receive an acknowledgement back that we have received your request. This acknowledgement will contain a Case Number that can be used to track your support request via our system.

From here on your support request will be visible on your account page after you log into our system. You can add more information to your request or if the issue is no longer relevant, you can even close the support ticket from your account! This is the first time we are offering such a feature!

We have not added any of your old support requests and we are not planning in doing so. We will rather start with a clean slate and work from there from now on.

We hope that you will enjoy working with the new system! We are continuously improving our service to you and for us this is a huge step in the right direction!