NMG Africa Terrain Mesh V1.5 (FSX)


This scenery expansion package contains a 76m terrain ground layer that will make the ground layer, mountains and valleys look much more real than what can be achieved with the default simulator package.

See Table Mountain, the Magaliesberg and the Bluff in Durban as it should be! Kilimanjaro looks much more imposing than before! Several Landclass files have been included to correct the placements of cities throughout Africa.

This package contains more than 2Gb of terrain data that covers all the countries in Africa including Saudi Arabia.


This package is a VERY large download! You will be required to download more than 2 Gigabyte of data to your computer. To facilitate the download, we have broken the download up into three files which must all be downloaded and then unzipped. The installer will search for the other parts and then install all the parts as one package.

This package contains Terrain Data only. It does not contain any vector data, nor does it correct the default Flight Simulator X airport altitudes.


2Gb of Terrain Data.
Covers Africa, Saudi Arabia and the Islands around Africa.
Compatible with all scenery packages.
Fully configurable installer – No computer experience needed to install!
FTX Global Ready!


Microsoft Flight Simulator X (SP2/Acceleration/Gold/Steam Edition) • Windows VISTA or better • 2 GHz Processor or better • 2 GB System RAM • Graphics Card with full DirectX 9 support • 2.1 Gb Download in total

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