Prepar3D V4 Compatibility with our airport scenery (UPDATED)

In our previous message about airport sceneries compatibility with Prepar3D V4, we stated that our scenery is compatible with Prepar3D V4, which is still true. We have however discovered a few things that we will need to address with immediate effect.

We have halted the conversion of our installers to Prepar3D V4 as most of the issues of our scenery as reported to us seem to be related to the night lighting and this is something we cannot fix with a quick fix.

The textures at night is too bright on all the buildings. These needs to be adjusted.

Some have reported that the pools of light on the aprons are flashing on and off. To fix this, we will need to adjust the apron lights to make use of the new HDR lights available in Prepar3D V4.

To do all this, we will need to as Robert Randazzo of PMDG suggested on the 14th of June 2017 and that is to re-export both the code elements and the model elements of our airports using the SDK tools. This is going to be a major adjustment and something we cannot do for free. We will however offer upgrade discounts for products already owned.

This means that every package will from now of have separate installers for FSX and FSX-SE and then an installer for Prepar3D V4. This version will be sold separately to those who do not have any of our packages yet. If you already own a package that is already for FSX, FSX-SE or Prepar3D V3, then an upgrade discount will allow you to upgrade to the new version.

Support for Prepar3D V3 will need to be discontinued. The architecture between Prepar3D V3 and Prepar3D V4 has changed so much that we cannot accommodate any older versions of Prepar3D anymore. If you are planning not to upgrade to the new Prepar3D, then we suggest that you download and backup your installers now as old copies of these installers will not be available after we update a package.

We have already released compatible installers for the Africa Terrain Mesh, Bloemfontein, Cape Town and Durban. We will again start with the Africa Terrain Mesh and this time do a full upgrade to Prepar3D V4 using the proper tools for the job. This means that when done, you will have true Prepar3D V4 scenery and not just something that has been adjusted to work.

We will keep you updated as we progress.