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Port Elizabeth Airport Released!

Port Elizabeth Airport Released!
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We are proud to present the release of Port Elizabeth International Airport for X-Plane 11, but that is not it! We have also updated the airport for all other platforms as well!

A lot of work as been done to the runway at Port Elizabeth International since we initially released the package. The runway length has increased by 200 meters on the Runway 08 end, but on the Runway 26 end these 200 meters has been added as a displaced threshold.

The approach lights have also been upgraded on both ends of Runway 08/26. The approach lights on Runway 08 is now configured in an ALFS 2 configuration and the ones on Runway 26 has been configured in a Calvert 2 configuration.

The taxiways leading to the runway has been renumbered and an extra taxiway has been added to allow for access to the extended part of Runway 08.

The old grass runway 10/28 has finally been removed and no longer exist. We believe that this runway has not been used in years.

All these changes have been incorporated into this update, but please be aware that the position of the ILS transmitters have changed, since the runway is now longer. For X-Plane users this information is important since the navigation file included with X-Plane still has the transmitters in the position where they used to be. It is not possible for us to change that. We can only hope that X-Plane will update this with the next program update.

Now for some good news.

If you have V3.x of Port Elizabeth Airport for FSX, FSX Steam, Prepar3D or X-Plane 10, then you can just log into your account on our website and download the new V3.5 for you. FREE OF CHARGE! Please remember to uninstall any older version before you install the new version and please make sure that you remove the entry for Port Elizabeth International from your Scenery Library when you do the uninstall.

If you have X-Plane 11, and you have a previous version of Port Elizabeth Airport, then you can upgrade to the new version at half price. The same is true for those of you who still have the older V2 airport for Flight Simulator X.

You will find more information about this product under our PRODUCTS section or by searching our products catalog.

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