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NMG Simulations website now SECURE!

NMG Simulations website now SECURE!

We had an SSL Security Certificate installed on our website. You will notice that when you browse our website now, that it shows https instead of the normal http. What this means is that everything you do on our website is 256 bit encrypted on your end before it leaves your browser. Whatever you do […]

Zebula Golf Estate and Spa released!

We are proud to present the release of our Zebula Golf Estate and Spa scenery! We do realise that some of you may have no idea where Zebula is. Zebula is a small airstrip about an hour’s flying time north of Wonderboom Airport. Many general aviation pilots fly from Wonderboom to Zebula for breakfast because […]

We are NMG Simulations!

We are NMG Simulations!

Everything you have come to love is still here! The same scenery, the same people, the same great support! The only change was the name and the website! Nothing else has changed! We are still committed to bring you the best we have to offer. The South African scenery packages will not disappear and we […]

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