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Our support ticket system has received an upgrade

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The company responsible for the support ticket system plugin that we use, has upgraded the software to the next version.

This upgrade has forced us to make some small changes on the way our support ticket system works, but the good news is that most is still the same as it was before.

To raise a support ticket from now on, will require that you be registered on our system as a client. Previously it was possible to use our system as a guest and not register at all, but that feature is no longer available. We suppose the developer changed that for security reasons as it was possible to access any support question of any user by just obtaining the email with the relevant link. Now that cannot be done anymore. Fortunately, the registration process has always been easy and straight forward so this should not be an issue.

We have noticed that more and more users are using our website to raise support tickets. Very few users had ever used email for that purpose and that is why we have switched email piping off. We were going to make this change by the end of the year as the email piping feature to respond to tickets via email was costing us a significant amount of money every year. This means that our old support email,, will no longer work so please do not send mail to this email address anymore. Instead, we now have a email address from which all status email will be send from. This email address is used to send mail from only. Any replies to this email address will not be answered.

When a support ticket is now raised via our website, you will receive an email that we have received your request for support. Once you log into our website, you will be able to view all the support tickets you have raised before. You will also be able to edit any open tickets to add more information to it if you like or close the ticket if you do not require any further help on it.

Once we post a reply to your support ticket, you will receive an email with a link that you can click on. You will be required to login to view the ticket for security reasons as discussed before. You will be able to answer the question if needed or post more information to help us further. You will also be able to close the ticket if no more help is needed.

If you do not close the ticket yourself, then the system will do that for you after two days of inactivity. You will receive and email 24 hours before the closure to warn you that the ticket will be closed. You can then continue with the ticket if you like by adding more information. If nothing is done, then the support ticket will be closed, and you will receive an email to this effect.

We will keep all old support tickets for a period of three years after which they will be deleted from our system to save on space.

As always, you can log into your account on our website and view all your old support tickets and even register new ones.

Please let us know should you have any questions regarding these upgrades and we will do our best to answer them!

This post will expire on 2025-07-31 at 07:17.

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