OR Tambo texture update underway

We are working on a texture update for OR Tambo International Airport. We have no set release date for this update, but you may watch this space for details!

Many of the buildings for OR Tambo was designed several years ago and these have never been redone. The original buildings were of simple design with 256 pixel textures. This was before the days of Service Pack 2 and before multi-core processors like we have today. Back then we were severely limited in what we could do.

Fortunately, this has all changed. We can now add more detailed textures and more detailed textures, but one must be careful not to overdo it. For those that do not know. OR Tambo is one of those airports that you cannot add too much detail, due to the frame rate limitations within the Flight Simulator program. If you add too much detail, but Flight Simulator program will literally grind to a halt. You will not be able to fly in and out of the airport with anything bigger than the default Cessna! That is why with this update, we are concentrating on updating the textures and that alone will make the airport much better than it was before. We have updated the buildings; the detail is limited at best, but still better than wat was before.

We are adding these development screenshots so that you can see what the differences are.

This update will be a free update to all existing users. We will notify you when this update is ready, which will most likely be in two months’ time.