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OR Tambo International V5.1 released!

OR Tambo International V5.1 released!
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We are happy to announce V5.1 of OR Tambo, a free upgrade to all existing V5.0 clients!

So, what has changed? First off, we have fixed several bugs in the airport AFCAD file for FSX and P3D. Most of these bugs where related to the taxi routes and it caused the AI Traffic at OR Tambo to get stuck at the hold short line before the runway.

We also made small changes to two of the textures at the airport. (FSX/P3D/XP11) The terminal windows will now show blue and not black. At night the terminal interior will be a light blue instead of yellow/orange! The parking garage will now also light up at night as it should! Previously the parking garage was dark at night.

The biggest change for us is the fact that we now have our own custom made jetways! (FSX/P3D) We have received many requests from clients requesting that we use the SODE Jetway System, but this was never an option for us as we do not want our scenery to be dependent on third-party freeware. We therefore chose the best alternative and that was to repaint the default jetways for now until we can design our own. These jetways will continue to work the same as the default jetways, but they will just look better and more realistic. Some jetways will be glass where others will be metal just like they are in real life.

The parking bay numbers for the Alpha and the Bravo aprons have been updated as in real life. (FSX/P3D/XP11) We have also noticed that the airport management have implemented information and caution signs on the apron at some points. We have also included those in our scenery.

We have updated the apron lights on the Bravo, Delta and Foxtrot ramps. These looks more like the real-world ones than what we had there before.

For X-Plane 11 users, we have added custom apron lights! No more default lights! These lights look a lot better at night than anything we had previously and as a result, the airport looks more like the real-world counterpart now!

And that is the end of all the changes!

You can download this update from your account downloads right now. The serial key for your download has not changed and it will still work on this new version.

Please UNINSTALL the old version of OR Tambo before you install the update AND please remember to remove the entry in the Scenery Library as well. If you do not do that, the installer will create a second entry for OR Tambo and you may then experience display issues as a result thereof.

Have fun!

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