OR Tambo Development Screen Shots (UPDATE 2017-12-05)

Below you will find development screen shots of our OR Tambo Intl Airport project.

MOST IMPORTANT: The screen shots shown below are development screen shots. The final product may differ from what you see here. Please take this into account.

The airport is nearing completion, but we have run into a snag… The amount of detail is too much for FSX / FSX Steam Edition and Prepa3D v3 too handle. We will need to reduce the amount of detail for you guys to enjoy the package. We don’t want an airport that looks stunning and you will not be able to fly in or out of it! That will make the package useless!

The screen shots you see below still contains all the detail, but what you do not see is that some of the objects does not show. The reason for this is because FSX / FSX Steam Edition and Prepa3D v3 is only 32-bit and can therefore only access 3.2Gb of RAM at any one time.

We are still aiming for an estimated release date of 15th of December 2017, but we may adjust this date backwards by a few days. OR Tambo is a very difficult airport to develop and still keep the frame rate smooth.

Enjoy the screen shots!