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New Version Numbering system for NMG Airports

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With the release of our airports for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, we are changing the way our version numbers work to be in line with Microsoft’s way of doing it.

We have so far updated all our Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 scenery to this new version numbering system, and we will be doing so for all our airport scenery in the future. This is how the new Version Numbering will work. Let us take Virginia Airport as an example; the version number says V1.4.4.

The first number is the major version number and that only changes when we make major changes to the airport that requires you to buy and upgraded version. That does not happen very often.

The second number is the minor version number and that changes as we make minor changes to the airport such as a new hangar, apron updates, etc.

The third number is new, and that number is the build number. When ever we ran the scenery compiler to re-compile the airport for what ever reason, that number will increase to the next higher one. We normally do this for exceedingly small changes such as a parking bay that does not work, fuel spot that does not work or as in the case with the latest Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 update, add support information for our airports to the package.

You can download the latest build number for you if you like, but that is strictly not needed as you will probably not see the change we have made. You may now ask why include it? Because we have received requests for these so that users can see when a scenery package is updated even if it does not warrant a version number change.

We are simply complying with the wishes of our clients!

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