It is of vital importance that you use a free email address such as GMail when registering a user profile on our system. 

We have found that some Internet Service Providers (ISP's) are actively blocking all automated email we send out regarding your account on our system. If you do not use a free email address, then you may never receive your login details to access your account. If your Internet Service Provider is blocking email from us then we may not be able to respond to any messages you send. We are not ignoring you; any replies we send to you are automatically returned to us and NOT delivered to you.

Also, when registering with us, PLEASE make sure that you enter your email address correctly!

If you do not enter your email address correctly, then you will not be able to access your acount or your downloads. We have several user profiles on our system that suffers from this problem where users have registered and bought using email addresses that does not work.

Please help us to help you!
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