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Microsoft Flight Simulator Airport Updates

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We have updated our Microsoft Flight Simulator airports with Airport Services and Living World configurations.

This update will be most noticeable at the smaller airfields where your aircraft will no longer be swamped by service personnel looking for work to do! In fact, we have limited the service at parking areas to Medium General Aviation Parking bays and higher. Small General Aviation Parking Bays will no longer be services at all. This is in line with the real world.

When you land at Zebula Airport, there will be no one there to meet you, which is exactly the way it should be! The same with Saldanha and Virginia. These airports are not big enough for these types of services.

Airports like Richards Bay is different. There you have Small General Aviation Parking and Medium General Aviation Parking. The Medium Parking Bays are used by the commercial flights to the airport and those parking bays will have services. The Small General Aviation Parking Bays does not have any service, which is again as it should be. That is the one place you do not want any people around your aircraft!

We have updated the following airports with these services.

  • Port Elizabeth Airport V3.6.6
  • Richards Bay Airport V1.0.8
  • Saldanha Airport V1.0.7
  • Sishen Airport V1.0.1
  • Virginia Airport V1.4.8
  • Zebula Airport V1.2.7

You can download these from your Account Downloads page once you have logged into your account.

Wonderboom Airport has already been updated with these features before release. We have no plans to update Johannesburg International as we have found that the default services provided by Microsoft Flight Simulator at the airport is sufficient for now.

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