Major changes in the way we handle downloadable products

We have started to implement  some major changes in the way we will handle downloadable products from here on. If you own any downloadable product bought from us, then please read this article as it contains important information relevant to you.

The changes below will be implemented as we convert/update all our airport packages. Some packages already have these changes implemented, while other will not. This will change as we progress. This is  mammoth task to complete and not something that will happen overnight.

INVOICE DOWNLOAD LINKS: You will be required to log into your account on our system in order to download any purchase you have made. The download links in the invoice we send you should point you in that direction, but these links will only be active for a certain time period after which the link will expire. Logging into your account will then be the only way to download your purchase. We recommend that you rather download directly from your account.

DOWNLOAD COUNTERS: We have started to implement download counters to our downloads. You will be able to download your purchase for a maximum of three times after which the download link will expire. To have the download links to all your downloads re-activated will cost R75; no exceptions will be made. Clicking on the download link in your user account will count as one download, even if you do not download the file! Be careful!

Download managers typically log into the server multiple times to download. This will have no effect on the download counter. If we make updates to the download from our side, then the download counter will be reset for that file and you will get another three downloads at no cost to you. We urge you to backup your downloads and to store them in a safe place, please!

REGISTRATION KEYS: We have also begun to implement serial registration keys to all our downloads. The registration keys look something like this XG42HL-8S777LYC-PRQ121M and you will be required to enter your name and the correct key in order for the installer to continue installing your scenery. These registration keys will be emailed to you on purchase, but they will also be listed in your user account under the downloads menu if they should become lost. These registration keys will never expire, but they will only work on the products they are intended for.

To enter your registration key on installation, you can either type in the key as shown or you can do it the easy way! Copy the key into your Windows clipboard and the installer will fill it in for you! You will still need to enter your name as well, but that will make the registration a bit easier!

Please remember that the keys are product specific! They are not interchangeable between products! They key for the Prepar3Dv3 version will not work on the version for Prepar3Dv4 and so on.

Not all download require registration keys at this stage, even if they are listed in your account already. We are issuing registration keys ahead of the downloads as it is a huge task to do. We have several thousand orders to issue keys for so and we want to get that out of the way first! Thank you for understanding.

If you have any questions regarding these changes, then please contact us. We are here to help!


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