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Lanseria International Airport V4 Released!

Lanseria International Airport V4 Released!
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We did it again! Lanseria International V4 with all the latest updates have been released, but wait, there is a lot more than just that!

First off, we completely redone the airport in High Definition Quality. All the building textures have been replaced with High Definition versions. You will now see detail that you have never seen before such as cracks, fading, moss growth and rust. Gone are that just painted pristine looking airport of before!

We have also updated the airport to the current standard. The terminal has seen a few small modifications since our initial release, but the bigger changes are the parking garage which are currently being build. We have completed it in our version of the scenery based on artists impressions of what the building will look like. We have also added the new Control Tower and the new Fire Rescue Services building. The buildings and hangars have been redesigned in High Definition quality with 3D doors and windows where possible. We have also added buildings that were not there before and we have also added a new photoreal ground layer (ortho photo) for the airport which has much more detail than the previous version.

All these changes have made this airport quite detailed and we had to limit the display of many objects to display only at the higher settings. Flight Simulator X users should be aware that this airport contains about ten times the detail of the previous version. Since Flight Simulator X can only address 4Gb system RAM at any time, you may experience display issues if your settings are set too high. Our airports are designed for 64-bit simulators and under such an environment you are only limited to the amount of system RAM you have.

Now for the bad news… We have dropped support for Prepar3D v3 and X-Plane 10 with this version of Lanseria Airport. We cannot continue supporting these flight simulator packages anymore.

We believe that there still is a market for Flight Simulator X and even more for Flight Simulator X Steam. The time may come when the detail in our airports will be too much for Flight Simulator X to handle, but until then we are planning to keep them alive for as long as possible.

We are offering upgrade discounts for Flight Simulator X and X-Plane 11 users to this new version. As for Prepar3D v4 users, you have already paid your upgrade price when you upgraded to the Prepar3D v4 version of Lanseria and therefore this upgrade will be free for you. Please log into your account on our system and download the new version for you.

Please remember to uninstall any older version before you install the new version and please make sure that you remove the entry for Lanseria International Airport from your Scenery Library when you do the uninstall.

You will find more information about this product under our PRODUCTS section or by searching our products catalog.

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