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Kruger Mpumalanga V2.4 is now available for download

Kruger Mpumalanga V2.4 is now available for download
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We have updated Kruger Mpumalanga Intl for Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D!

The first improvement was those undercover parking bays. We have updated the textures so that it looks a lot better than it used to be. You will now also see the actual lines of the parking bays as well.

The second update and this is the more important one, is the custom runway and taxiways. The textures are much more detailed than then default textures included in the original Flight Simulator program. The runway and taxiway markings are also withered, and sun baked through exposure. This also adds a much more realistic feel to the airport as northing is ever “just painted” or in a pristine order!

The third update is the custom runway and approach lights we use. These lights are a lot brighter and they are visible a lot further out than before. The lights are also a lot less frame rate hungry than before.

This is the style of airports that we intend to be making from here on. We will be updating all our existing airports to this standard as time permits.

This update is free of charge if you already own Kruger Mpumalanga V2.3. You can just log into your account on our website and download the new version for you. As always, PLEASE uninstall your previous version first and remember to remove the entry in your Scenery Library for the older version as well before installing.

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