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Kruger Mpumalanga Updated

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Kruger Mpumalanga Airport have been updated to Version 2.5 for all versions of the package.

What has changed? This package is now in line with our Cape Town and Rand airports where the scenery package contains the airport only. In the past, we used to add the road infrastructure around the airport as well, but we have found that more and more of our clients have the ORBX Global package with the correct roads, rivers and coastlines already installed. For us to re-add these into our airports means that it will clash with the ORBX package. It makes more sense for us to leave these features out.

We have updated the photo real ground layer for Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D so that it blends better with the surrounding area.

The parking area at Kruger Mpumalanga has been extended and we have added that into our scenery package as well.

We have improved the custom apron markings for this airport.

Nelspruit Airport has also been improved over the older version with extra taxiways added.

You can download this new version right now from your account downloads page. As always, PLEASE remove the old version of the airport before installing any new version. Also remember to remove the entry for Kruger Mpumalanga from your Scenery Library before installing the new version.

Our next new airport package will be Richards Bay airport! Just like Rand, numerous requests have been made for this airport. We are planning a release for this airport by the end of November.

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