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It is a New Year

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It is a new year, and we are ready to go! But first some changes to the payment options for our website.

Having any payment solution on our website is costing money in the form of transaction fees. We absorb these costs as it is how the game is played, but all this depends on the number of sales that is generated via that payment option.

For this reason, we will shortly be doing away with the Snap Scan option on our website. It is still there, but our other Payment Solutions Pay Fast, already offers Snap Scan as an option for payment. For us to have it on our website as well is therefore redundant.

For those of you who still prefer EFT payments, you can now transfer your payment to our Capitec Bank account as well. If you are a Capitec client, this will mean instant payment for your order!

Pay Pal has some of the most expensive transaction fees in the industry! To add insult to injury, we need to get those funds transferred back to South Africa and that add even more fees to the mix. To say that Pay Pal is an awfully expensive payment option for us will be the whole truth and nothing but!

Unfortunately, Pay Pal is loved by most of our clients and that is why we have no option but to keep it going. To help us offset the high costs, we have always had a Handling Fee option when using Pay Pal as a payment option. If you are using Pay Pal for payment, then please take note of this handling fee as it will increase the cost of your purchase by 5%. You can circumvent this handling fee by using Pay Fast as a payment option instead.

We know all too well that many of you are waiting for news on Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. We really do not want to say too much, but things look very promising indeed. We still have a lot to learn at this stage and we are also still experimenting figuring out what works and what does not, so we cannot say too much at this stage.

We will post news as we progress, but we will post news of our progress to our Flight Simulator 2020 Newsletter. To make sure that you are subscribed to this Newsletter, use the Modify your subscription link at the bottom of this message to update your preferences. Once on that screen, make sure that the option for Flight Simulator 2020 News is ticked to make sure you are not missing out.

And that is all the news we have for now but stay tuned!

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