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Into 2019 we go

Into 2019 we go
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And now that 2019 has arrived… What will the future hold? Let’s find out!

To put it mildly; the previous year has been a very interesting one indeed! We made two mistakes last year that we have already started to correct. Our first mistake was to think that Flight Simulator X was dead. We now know that nothing can be further from the truth! Our sales figures for the previous year shows that this twelve-year-old is alive and kicking and not ready to be put to bed just yet!

Our second mistake was in thinking that X-Plane will become more popular than Prepar3D… That is why we send so much time last year converting all our airports for X-Plane, but our sales figures have again proven us wrong! To put everything in perspective; for every ten airport packages we sell, five are bought by Prepar3D v4 users, three by Flight Simulator X users and only two is bought by X-Plane users.

There could be no further argument. When it is time to upgrade, Flight Simulator X users prefer Prepar3D as their choice to upgrade over X-Plane. The figures also show why it was a mistake on our part to abandon Flight Simulator X last year. A lot of people are still stuck with Flight Simulator X, unable to upgrade. There still is a market for Flight Simulator X airport scenery and to abandon it now will not be the smartest move to make. As for X-Plane, the figures show us that we were literally barking up the wrong tree thinking that X-Plane was going to be the next best thing.

So, what does all this mean?

We will continue to design scenery for all three simulators. The primary flight simulator we design airports for, will be Prepar3D v4, followed by Flight Simulator X. Depending on the sales generated, we may convert the same airport package for X-Plane 11. We will not be releasing all three versions at the same time as we did before. The airport packages that are already available for X-Plane 11 via our website will stay. Some of them are selling very poorly, but we will keep them going. This decision will therefore only affect future developments.

We realise that this is not good news for our X-Plane 11 clients. We do believe that X-Plane is a great simulator and that it has merit, but in the end, our believes will not pay our bills. Only cold hard cash will! Surviving financially is much more important and it is a fact that Prepar3D and Flight Simulator X is out selling X-Plane by far. We can only hope that this will change in the future. We are not yet giving up on X-Plane, only cutting things back a bit.

And now for some good news! Our Cape Town International Airport package is due for a complete remake. The package currently on sale has been designed in a time when detailed buildings was not possible due to the limitations in Flight Simulator design. That has now all passed, and we can now finally let this airport come to its own right! We have no release date for this new package yet, so please do not ask! Upgrade discounts will be made available for existing users.

We have also started to add custom runways and taxiways to our airports. Kruger Mpumalanga was the first to receive this upgrade. In time, we will do all our airports this way. We will first do the smaller airports and then progress on to the larger airports. These updates will be provided to you for free.

That is all the news we have for now. May your 2019 be very prosperous and may all your dreams come true this year!