Request transfer of orders from a reseller

With this form you request us to transfer the scenery packages you have bought from one of our re-sellers over to our system. This is a manual process and it we will need to manually verify that the order exist. Thank you for understanding.

PLEASE BE AWARE that products bought from one of our re-sellers that is older than three years, cannot be transferred anymore. We can only transfer sales that is up to three years and younger.

Once we receive this request, we will verify the purchase and then add the order on our system. You will receive an email invoice from us when that is done. This invoice will be your proof that the transfer has been done. No payment will be required from your side for this service.

The more information you give us to work on, the faster the process will go and it will eliminate unnecessary email correspondence between us and yourself. If you still have the invoices for your order, then that will greatly help. Please attach them to the bottom of this form. The files may not exceed 2Mb and must be in PDF or TXT format.

    Name and Surname (Required)

    E-Mail Address (Required)

    Reseller Used (Required)

    Order Number(s) of your Purchases (Required)

    Approximate date of purchase (Required)
    Orders older than three years cannot be transferred, sorry!
    If the order dates are spread over several weeks, then please state the remaining dates in the Notes area below.


    Attach your Invoices here, if you have any. (Only PDF and TXT files allowed / Files may not exceed 2Mb in size)