Durban International Airport for Prepar3D V4

We have completed our first airport for Prepar3D V4! We deliberately chose the old Durban airport as a test to experiment on while we learn how the new Prepar3D V4 SDK tools work.

We have to admit that the effects is quite spectacular. We understand now why just adjusting our installers for Prepar3D V4 would never have worked. Working with the native code increases the frame rate many times!

Wd have found that as we converted and tested the elements at Durban airport, that the airport actually displayed faster as we progressed. In the beginning, it would take Prepar3D a few seconds to render the ground layer, followed by the airport objects, followed by the night effects. After the conversion, the rendering would be immediate!

It is therefore true that Prepar3D V4 works much better with scenery designed for it, than with older Prepar3D or even FSX scenery. Doing a proper conversion if definitely the right way to go!

We have screenshots and a video available for the new package on the link below.

NMG Durban Intl Airport V2.4 (P3D4)

Now for some good news! We are offering 25% off on all our Prepar3D V4 scenery packages. We will do this with every new package we release for Prepar3D V4 from now on. This discount is valid only for this weekend and intended on first time buyers, so hurry if you want to save! We only have two packages at the moment, but that will change as we continue! They are: NMG Africa Terrain Mesh V1.5 (P3D4) and NMG Durban International Airport (P3D4).

We are offering 50% off upgrade coupons for users who already own the Flight Simulator X version of our scenery packages. If you have a coupon like this, then do not use it this weekend as these discount coupons does not work during sales. If you would like to get a coupon for the Africa Terrain Mesh for future use, then please let us know.

We are not going to offer upgrade discounts for Durban as the package have been marked down yet again to a R100. With this weekends special, it is even marked down further to R75!


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