Product Patches

This section contains support patches for our products that have since been released. These patches will require that you have the original version of the scenery installed in the same location it was installed in. This means that if you have moved the files, then these patches will not work.


The programs in this section are provided to you as is. This means that you shall assume responsibility for the software use and the results obtained from the software. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the Software is with you.



FAOR to FAJS Patch (V4.3.1)

This patch is for V4.3.1 of OR Tambo Intl. There is no such patch for OR Tambo V5.0. We have received a number of requests from clients for a fix for our Johannesburg that will change the Airport ID (ICAO) back to FAJS. The Airport ID for Johannesburg was changed in 2013 from FAJS to […]

OR Tambo Intl V5.0 High Frame Rate Patch

This patch will make OR Tambo Intl Airport more frame rate friendly, but the cost is that this patch will turn the airport into an extremely basic package with just the absolute bare necessities. It is for that reason that we do not recommend the use of this patch at all as it will turn […]

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