Download Errors RESOLVED! (FINALLY!!)

It is now safe again to download from our system! We do apologize for the inconvenience caused…

So, what happened? Three weeks ago, we found a module for our website that will make the downloading of files more professional. You will not be send to another website to download your files.

We thought that this will be much better than what we had so we implemented it. The only problem was that it only linked to Drop Box. Again, no issue as we have used Drop Box on occasion for years… That was our mistake as we did not realise just how far Drop Box had slipped and how worse the service had become…

Three days ago, on Wednesday, we started receiving reports that clients where having issues downloading their files. At first, we though that it was an isolated incident, but on Thursday, we received reports that our files are virus infected! For us this was a big shock! We cannot afford to contaminate our clients’ systems with viruses as it will seriously undermine the trust that we have build up with our clients over the years.

We scanned our Drop Box folder and found ten files infected with the FileRepMalware virus. We immediately deleted those files and then scanned our system for any threats. Nothing was found. We then recreated all ten installers. All of them where again scanned and found clean before we re-uploaded them to Drop Box.

The next morning (Friday), five of those files where again infected with the FileRepMalware virus! We again deleted the infected files and again scanned our system for any threats. Again, none was found. We recreated the installers that was deleted, scanned them again and found them clean. We again re-uploaded them to Drop Box.

Later that morning, we found one of the previously clean files we uploaded before infected with the FileRepMalware virus. That confirmed it for us: The Drop Box system was virus infected and it was injecting virus code into our files. We uninstalled the Drop Box utility and again scanned our system for threats. Again, none was found, except for the one installer in our Drop Box folder that was infected. We deleted the file and again recreated the installer, scanned it and found it clean. This time we started moving our files back to Google Drive.

This move is now complete and our files are back where they are safe! We have scanned all of them for any threats and they are all clean.

In light of our experience, we cannot recommend the Drop Box service to any of our clients, sorry! Some years ago, when we started with them, the system was really good, but now it has just fallen apart!

We would like to thank you for your patients in all this. We really appreciate you understanding!


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  1. Dear Sirs,

    I Have Just Tried to Download my New Copy of Cape Town International ( FSX:SE ) …….. Google Says that It is “Toooooo Large to Scan” ( 154MB ) …… And Would Not Proceed with the Download ……. !!

    So “I” Did ……. And “Windows 10” Stopped me, with “Windows-Defender” ……. And “Deleted” the File …….. !!!

    They Say That the Copy I Have is, “Unsafe” …… And is Putting My PC at Risk …… !!

    Should I Install It …… ??

    Kindest Regards,
    Joseph Peter Sheehan

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