Cape Town Intl Airport V4.4 Released

An updated version of NMG Cape Town Intl Airport for FSX, FSX Steam Edition and Prepar3D has been released and can be downloaded from our website now!

First of all, we have replaced the photo real ground layer with a new updated version. Please be aware that from here on our airports will no longer need those FTX Global Fix files. We have found a way to compile our ground layer files so that the colour matching between the default textures and the FTX Global textures matches more evenly!

Some more good news is that we will continue to support Prepar3Dv3! If you have are not in the position to upgrade to Prepar3Dv4 at this stage, then our installers  will still work with Prepar3Dv3. There is one catch and that is that the version we are updating now will be the final update for FSX, FSX Steam and Prepar3Dv3. From here on we will be concentrating on Prepar3Dv4 only.

As for the Prepar3Dv4 version, we have recompiled all the airport objects (buildings, hangars, terminals, etc) and ground layer files for the Prepar3Dv4 version using the Prepar3Dv4 SDK. The increase in speed really shows! We have also enabled HDR effects to all light effects.

We are again offering a 50% discount for Prepar3Dv4 clients that have bought the previous version of Cape Town Intl Airport from us. To claim your discount all you have to do is to log into your account on our system before you make your purchase. Our system will pick it up if you have bough the previous version and add the discount automatically. You must be logged in for the discount to show. If you do not log in, the system will not have access to your previous purchases and you will be charged the full price.

You can find more information about Cape Town Intl Airport including screen shots and promotional videos on the links below.





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