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Cape Town International V5.01 Update

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We have released this update for our new Version 5 Cape Town International, because there is always something that is missed with the initial release.

For both Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D:

The hold short bar at Runway 19 was the wrong way around. This is now fixed.

Some of our FTX Global clients have mentioned that the photoreal ground layer for the airport was too lightly coloured. This was not the case on our test system, but we have nevertheless changed the photoreal ground layer to be a little greener so that it blends better with the FTX Global textures. We hope that this will fix it.

For Prepar3D only:

There was a problem with the dynamic apron lights in all our airport packages… They work when you depart from the airport, but when you fly into an airport from any other destination at night, then the apron lights will be switched off and the apron dark.

We have recently found a fix for it, but it involves that we will need to update all our airport packages with this fix. We fully intend to do this in time, but it will not be an overnight fix. We therefore ask that you please be patient with us as we implement this fix with other updates we are planning.

For now; Cape Town is fixed, and the apron lights will always be on at night, no matter from where you are flying in from.

For X-Plane 11 only:

We seem to have forgotten about the forest on the north end of the airport! It is now added into the scenery.

You will need to re-download the scenery in order to get the updated version as we no longer release patches. When uninstalling the old version for Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D, it is important that you run FSX/P3D first and then delete the entry for Cape Town International from your FSX/P3D Scenery Library first. Close FSX/P3D and then run the uninstall from the Programs and Features section of your Windows Control Panel to delete the files.

For X-Plane 11, the update is even simpler. Just delete the NMG_FACT scenery directory from your “Custom Scenery” folder in X-Plane and copy the new one in for you.

The latest version of the scenery is available now under your Account Downloads Area.

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